Private School Students Exceed SAT Benchmark

Students Exceed SAT Benchmark and Lift National Average
October 4, 2013

Average SAT scores for 2013 graduates from religious schools significantly exceeded the SAT National Mean. Additionally, religious school graduates performed higher than the SAT College and Career Readiness Benchmark which is associated with success in college. The SAT CCRB is a combined score of 1550 on three SAT tests (critical reading, writing, and mathematics). Religious schools scored 97 points above the national mean while publc schools actually dropped 24 points below. Religious schools also exceeded the SAT CCRB by 45 points. PUblic schools students were 76 points below the same level.

For college-bound seniors in independent schools across the nation, the combined average SAT score was 1662 (112 points above the benchmark) while the average for religious school students was 1595 (45 points above the benchmark). Public school students scored 1474, which was 76 points shy of the standard.

Schools Reading Writing Math Total Above/Below the National Average
SAT Scores Class of 2013
Religious 531 528 536 1595 +97
Public 491 480 503 1474 -24
National Mean 496 488 514 1498