Small Classes – Does It Make A Difference?

One of the most researched topics on all of education is the effect of small class size on student achievement.  Today, there is no question – students in small classes do much, much better – in math, in reading, in overall performance.

Wisconsin researchers found that small-sized classes combined with copious individual interaction between students and teacher does significantly increase student achievement.  The testing revealed that first and second graders in small classes consistently outperform students in normal-sized classes.

Since time is not wasted disciplining, many teachers complete the required grade-level curriculum in less time and additional time is used to broaden and deepen the content and lay a foundation for the next year’s material.

In addition to more instructional time, there are other way small-class size increase student success.  Students have more opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the material.  While instructing, teachers also have the time to check each student’s progress and identify when a student has difficulty grasping a concept.

One teacher put it this way:  “In Christian schools, a small-class is one of the keys to greater student achievement.   Fewer discipline problems leads to more instructional time, and more instructional time leads to greater student success.   When misbehavior arises in a small class, it is more noticeable, so teachers can immediately quell the disruption before it becomes a major problem.  This ability to immediately stop classroom antics significantly reduces misconduct.”

In a small class, teachers become acquainted with each students and gain a greater insight into each child’s personality – and how they learn. This familiarity cultivates a caring, family-like atmosphere in the classroom.  Small-class size also provides students with opportunities for personal growth.  The luxury of time presents each student with many chances to speak up and be included in discussions.  Acceptance and inclusion are two vital ingredients for building student confidence and self-esteem.

If small class size with significant amounts of individual attention is important to you, we can help.  It’s important that good teachers and good students not be limited by an over-crowded classroom.  And, if you’re looking for ministry-minded teachers who view their work with your child as a call, a passion, and a matter of the heart, we are here to serve you.

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Taken From The Rock School – Jim McKenzie